About Foundation

Executive council

Vladimir AVERCHEV (research director, British Petroleum (Russia); former Duma deputy and counsellor of the Russian Embassy in Washington)

Vyacheslav BAKAEV (chief of staff of the International Committee of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation)

Pavel EROCHKINE (research officer at the Centre for Global Studies; research assistant to Lord Skidelsky at the House of Lords of the UK parliament)

William FLEMMING (nalyst, Moscow representative office of Rothschild investment bank)

Eric HANSEN (deputy director of The U.S. Russia Center for Entrepreneurship)

Alexander KIM (president, OUR TALENTS Foundation)

Sergei KHAN (Head of Administration, OJSC Gazprom, Chairman of Committee of International Gas Union)

Gilles WALTER (senior analyst, Camden Partners)

Principal Adviser to the Foundation: Neil WITHERS (general director, Assistance Project to MJSCB "Vozrozhdeniye")

Members Area

Our Talents visit the Moscow School of Management "Skolkovo"
PR and politics: tools, ethics, prospects these were the topics at the meeting with Igor Mintusov, the founder and head of the Centre of Political Consulting Niccolo M
Our Talents Conference the official opening of the new season
The delegation of our members came back from their business tour of China